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Forget Growing Weed—Make Yeast Spit Out CBD and THC Instead

Researchers have turned to yeast to produce cannabinoids by adding genes from the cannabis plant to the microbes.

Why the Legal Cannabis Industry Loves the Ford Transit Van

Here’s how legal cannabis created a new niche for the armored car industry.

Weed Packaging Rules Are Wasteful Overkill

How excessive packaging regulations for the cannabis industry are taking a toll on businesses and the environment.

Illinois MMJ Companies Elbow to Keep Head Start

As the state moves towards legalizing adult-use, the largest medical cannabis companies are pooling their resources to advance the industry's interests.

The Rise and Rise of the Artisanal Hemp Farm

The fast-growing CBD industry has fueled the rise of hemp farmers in the U.S. While most are cultivating the crop on an industrial scale, the trend has also given way to smaller farmers who still harvest by hand.

Former Pacers Forward Al Harrington's Second Career

Al Harrington’s journey to starting a cannabis brand began with business failures and inspiration from his grandmother.

‘Inundated’ CA Credit Union Suspends New Applications

A credit union had to stop taking cannabis companies after being deluged by businesses seeking financial services.

How One Man Lied About His Discovery of “Hops-Derived” CBD

The man who claimed to derive CBD from hops turns out to be a "convicted con artist who stole over $20 million."

Study Attempts to Shed Light on Importance of THC vs. CBD

CBD might be all the rage. But a new study found that medical marijuana patients who consumed higher levels of THC felt greater symptom relief.

Owning Marijuana Stocks May Skunk You Security Clearance

Simply owning marijuana stocks can get employees in trouble at the Defense Department.

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