Co-Founder, CEO / Phylos Bioscience (OR)

Mowgli Holmes is a molecular and evolutionary biologist. He has a PhD from Columbia University, where he was a National Research Service Award Fellow. He is a founding board member of the Cannabis Safety Institute and the Open Cannabis Project, and is Chair of the Oregon State Cannabis Research Task Force.

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Founder, President / Ardent Cannabis (MA)

Shanel Lindsay is an attorney, entrepreneur, and cannabis advocate. She is the founder and president of Ardent LLC, a Boston-based biotech company that develops safe, effective and convenient products for the cannabis industry. A drafter of Massachusetts’ adult use cannabis law, founding member and co-chair of the Northeast Cannabis Coalition, Massachusetts Patients Advocacy Alliance advisory board member and well-known advocate for cannabis legalization on the east coast and beyond, Shanel is dedicated to improving public understanding of cannabis’ benefits and eliminating the stigma surrounding its use.

Leveraging a decade of expertise extracting, preparing, and applying cannabis compounds, Shanel founded Ardent in 2013. Among patients and within the commercial industry, utilizing the beneficial compounds of cannabis involves significant uncertainty and expense. Based on breakthrough research into the underlying process of decarboxylation, Ardent’s technology fully activates THC with no degradation or loss. Precision decarboxylation allows patients and dispensaries create accurately dosed cannabis therapies at a fraction of the cost.




Founder, Chief Executive Officer / ebbu (CO)

Jon Cooper is the CEO of ebbu, a cannabis producer with the goal of creating consistency among products in the industry. ebbu is a leading Denver, Colorado-based highly disruptive startup which has received considerable attention in the cannabis industry, the tech angel community and beyond. ebbu's unique proprietary distillation technology allows for the creation of branded, cannabis-derived distilled products with predictable, reliable psychoactive effects.


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Co-Founder, Managing Partner / Seattle Inceptive Group / Root Sciences / Bare Concentrates (WA)

Seattle Inceptive Group (SIG) is a licensed Producer and Processor of cannabis concentrates and products in WA State. As an industry leader in the cannabis industry, SIG has positioned itself as a thought leader in commercial cannabis agriculture and concentrate distillation. 

Root Sciences is a distributor for companies like VTA, the worlds oldest and largest giant in the final stage processing of purified cannabis concentrates. With total cannabinoids reaching over 99%, Bare Concentrates produces the highest quality pure cannabis concentrates in the legal cannabis industry.  

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Founder, Editor / Word on the Tree (NY)

Mona is a freelance journalist and the founder of Word on the Tree, a highly respected marijuana newsletter and website. Her cannabis coverage has appeared in High Times, Vice, and Cannabis Now, among others. Before jumping on the weed beat, she covered media and tech for Mediabistro and served as Social Editor at Adweek. After spending nights and weekends editing Word on the Tree, she decided to devote herself full-time to covering cannabis. Executives in the cannabis space and activists at national reform organizations have all expressed appreciation for Mona's daily dispatches, which combine the best of cannabis journalism with a focus on the social justice issues at the center of the movement. Read and subscribe at


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